A New Perspective – Photo Series 001

For most of my life, Long Island, New York is where I called home.

However, the older I’ve gotten, the more the word “home” has transcended into a lot of different places and things. As a result, the suburban towns I used to know like the back of my hand, have started to feel less like a home base and more like a tourist site I momentarily visit for loved one’s birthdays and doctor appointments. It’s rare I am around for more than a 48-hour period and, when I am, I am usually cramming (and often failing) to see everyone and do everything before I head back.

But, last time I found myself on the island, while I was pressed for time as per usual, I decided to take the few days I had to explore some already familiar terrain and create a mini photo series for said places, in order to shine a new light on some of my favorite spots and “landmarks” (I use that term loosely) growing up. While this was a pretty internal project and, therefore, there is not a whole lot of concrete description on where the photos were taken and what they mean to me, I thought it would be a wonderful experiment to share here, and could maybe inspire you to do the same in your own hometown. It can end up giving you whole new perspective the concept of what home truly means.

Hope you enjoy x

unnamed-1 copyIMG_7076


IMG_7075unnamed copy 2






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Photos were taken by me


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