Let’s Start This Again, Shall We?

Once upon a time, year and three months ago to be exact, I launched this blog in order to talk about two very specific passions I had, veganism and travel. Fresh out of college, I was desperately seeking a voice in a world where EVERYBODY had a blog. It seemed everywhere I turned someone on the Internet was selling all their worldly possessions (because minimalism was so in), buying a ’98 converted Volkswagen camper (because #vanlife was also very in), and proclaiming themselves a digital entrepreneur. For my senior thesis, I even wrote a forty-page paper on this phenomenon. I became so enthralled in the glamour of working remotely from wherever you saw fit, that I wanted nothing more than to become my own vegan nomad.

However, there were a few holes in this plan. The main one being, that I knew nothing about running a website. Blogging is hard work, man. To launch a successful, marginally profitable website is estimated to take about two years, putting in 30+ hours of work before seeing much of anything. Finding your voice can be difficult too. Normally, when freelance writing for various established publications, there is a certain voice you must tap into in order to keep their brand on point. There is a digital editor, sitting in his West Elm swivel chair at his anti-cubicle corporation giving you “light” suggestions on how to sound more like them. Then, when it’s all said and done, this editor can tweak anything they need in order for your piece to coincide with the layout of other stories they publish. When it’s your website, you have the freedom to choose any “voice” you see fit. It’s your voice. But, as you start to realize this, you also start to meditate on the daunting question, what is my voice?

Long story short, after two blog posts (two wonderful blog posts I’m still so proud and recommend checking out), I found a full-time job, dived into the “real-world”, put away all my research on digital nomading and that was that. Many of my life goals, schedule obligations, hair colors, and overall living conditions (moving in with my boyfriend, moving three times in a year) continued to drastically change.

What didn’t change, however, was my itch for travel and the excitement that consumed me when I found new, interesting vegan food wherever I ended up. In the last year, I’ve traveled overseas to London, Berlin, and Dublin. I drove down the coast of Florida and camped in Everglades National Park. I visited Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. I went on weekend adventures to Savannah, Georgia and impromptu solo trips to Montreal. I spent time in the Adirondack Mountains and hiked to the top of a waterfall. All the while, I kept looking for the best vegan food in all these places. I also kept my love for creating recipes and cooking/baking at home. This past January, I partnered with Vegnews in order to facilitate an outlet in which I could essentially write Veghead Vagabond posts, on a site that I did not have to keep up with. Since then, I’ve written several articles for the San Francisco based magazine. But, there was still something missing.

So I’ve decided to give blogging another go, now with, hopefully, a better understanding of the message I want to put out into the pixelated universe. I don’t want this space to be just about veganism and travel, because people, myself included, are much more multifaceted than that. I approached the blogger world with a very specific niche in mind. And while I do plan to focus mainly on these two things, I also want to focus on all the other things I love, making it a bit of a communal space for creativity. Along with pairing travel and veganism, I hope to share stories about my travel experiences, even if they aren’t directly food-centric. I hope to curate recipes and share them with you even if I’m not traveling and, instead, just sitting on my bum in sweatpants and my Back to the Future tee (aka right now). I hope to talk about art; to share things I’m doing, things I’m writing, things I’m making, thoughts I’m having. I was so focused on staying in regimented guidelines and not straying away from what this could be. But, what this blog is, is me. All of me. I hope you’ll stay and see where it goes.


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